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Kiefer on lives c’est aussi son humour ! 

 Kiefer Sutherland en robe Chez Letterman 

© DR | David Letterman: « Vous auriez pu vous épiler un peu les jambes. »

N.B. | 15.01.2010 | 12:48

Les ravages du sport: Kiefer Sutherland était sûr de son coup, sûr que les Patriots de Nouvelle-Angleterre allaient s’imposer face aux Ravens de Baltimore (pour ceux qui habitent de ce côté-ci de l’Atlantique, il s’agit bien sûr de football américain).

L’homme, habitué aux coups de poker flamboyants dans « 24 heures chrono », est joueur. Un peu trop: il a parié sur son équipe avec un ami… et il a perdu.

Son gage: se présenter en jupe au talk-show de David Letterman, regardé par quelques millions de spectateurs. Il l’a fait. Preuve qu’il en a.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube 

source : 24castinterviews sur YouTube

Et pour le bonheur de ses Fans…


Image de prévisualisation YouTube  

Source :  par robomole sur YouTube

Explication de la video

The most entertaining one by far was when some kid got up and said, « I’ve noticed that Jack says the word ‘Dammit » a lot. I’m wondering is that in the script, or are a lot of those ad-libbed? And could you do me a favor and say, ‘Dammit, Cameron! » [The kids name obviously was Cameron.]

Kiefer immediately obliged with a trademark Jack Bauer dammit. He then answered the question saying that since the network won’t allow profanity, he needed to come up with some sort of expletive that would adequately express his frustration on matters ranging from not being able to control his 16-year-old daughter to having the potential of a nuclear bomb going off in Los Angeles. He also talked about his being well aware that many college students have turned it into a drinking game, taking a shot whenever Jack says dammit.

As the kid walked off, and the next questioner approached the microphone, Kiefer grabbed his own mic and yelled, « Dammit, Cameron, don’t you walk away from me! »

The crowd erupted — it was fantastic. I have to say, Kiefer Sutherland seems like a really cool dude. As the event was closing up, he made a point to say how thankful he was for all of the fans of the show. Afterwards, with staffers trying desperately to get people out of the way, and get Kiefer out of the room, you could tell he didn’t want to go. Even with event personnel trying to cajole him, he kept taking and signing as many things as people were stuffing in front of him, furiously trying to get it all done in a short time.

By the time I got out of the 24 panel, the exhibit hall downstairs was almost closed. My friend had not gone to the panel with me, so I went looking for him. Turns out, he had managed to position himself right next to the G4 booth, as they were interviewing the two producers of Lost. His wife called him to tell him that every time the camera focused on Carlton Cuse, my friend could be seen right over his shoulder. Pretty awesome.

First thing I did when we got back to the hotel that night — recharge my camera. Saturday was the main day we had come for — big-time panels on Heroes and Lost.

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  1. Macgiver dit :

    La video de Kieffer sutherland et Cameroune et vraiment tres bien

  2. C’est vrai, elle est vraiment cool, j’aime beaucoup son Dammit Cameron !!! Don’t walk away from me, I like this, He’s so cool. Merci pour ce commentaire

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