3. Rencontre avec les Fans

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My encounter with actor Kiefer Sutherland at the airport

I approach the actor with stealth, as befits the star of the TV series, ‘24.’



Photo illustration by Scott Wallace/Staff; Photo by Colin Drummond/Newscom

3. Rencontre avec les Fans dans ACTUALITE picture1.jpg_full_600

By Kim Sherman Grove, Contributor / November 21, 2008

Toronto (The following takes place between 13:05 and 13:29. The events occur in real time.)

13:05 Jack Bauer of “24” fame (aka Kiefer Sutherland) stands at the ticket counter of Air Canada, scrutinizing the airport for possible tourist terrorists. Toronto’s Pearson International Airport has a Canadian calmness. Yet federal agent Bauer has been part of too many covert operations not to know that the calm comes before the dirty bomb. Ready for action, he looks over his shoulder, checking his blind spot. No one stands directly behind him. He notices a woman out of the corner of his eye who has stopped suddenly, almost colliding with her carry-on bag. She looks klutzy.

I spy Kiefer across the room. He looks like a bush pilot. He is wearing a sage green scarf flung around his neck, contrasting smartly with his tan suede jacket. The scarf makes him stand out. If it is Kiefer, wouldn’t he want to be incognito? Wouldn’t he wear dark sunglasses and a fedora? All his fan blogs say it’s rare to see him in real life. Must not be him.

13:07 Bauer cautiously takes note of the klutzy woman’s stare, but she doesn’t approach. The panic passes. He relaxes.

I line up dutifully at Immigration with the other Canadians. The mystery man stands in the American line a short distance away. This time the guys behind me confirm his identity. His name ricochets from one end of the line to the other. People pull out cellphones like they’re drawing pistols. “Guess who’s at the airport with me?” echoes everywhere.

13:10 As he slings his garment bag over his shoulder, Bauer is confident he will be able to get on his flight without being attacked.

I marvel at how polite Canadians are. They allow Kiefer to wander the airport freely. No one mauls him for an autograph. I appreciate this because it gives me time to think of my plan of attack. I circle the Customs area, knowing that he will be headed there next. I step out of line so many times while waiting that I make the security guards nervous.

13:15 The immigration officer takes a long time to examine his passport. Bauer recognizes that his real name, Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland, is a bit unusual. (What was his famous actor-father, Donald, thinking when he gave him a Scrabble board of names, anyway? Could he not have just done the British thing and called him Donald II?)

What am I thinking? The famed Jack Bauer character, who has saved the world innumerable times, is not going to have to stand in line with the rest of us. Immigration probably has a secret celebrity door to get him to his flight. More likely, Chloe, his computer wunderkind sidekick in the antiterrorism unit, is hacking into federal computers now, getting him his own plane. Maybe that’s why he is wearing his pilot outfit. Just as I convince myself that my star-gazing moments are over, Kiefer strolls into view again. He is walking and talking with a short, handsome man wearing a black leather jacket. Now I understand. He had been waiting all along for his friend, probably the next costar of the series. I would now be ahead of all my friends, knowing the next big TV celebrity. If I hurry, I can be right behind Kiefer in line.

 13:20 Bauer spies the same woman he saw earlier lunging toward him like an alligator at a rib joint. Where is security when you need them? How can I send out a distress code? Bauer takes his cellphone out of its holster and speaks into it in a muffled voice. He hopes this clever diversion will fend her off.

Maybe he sees me coming. He’s on his cellphone. It’s different than mine. I always have to shout into my mouthpiece. He whispers so I can’t hear a word he’s saying, although I’m trying. Desperately.
This gives me time to think about how I should start the conversation. Canadians are not known for taking risks, and I don’t want to ask the wrong question. I’d like to know how he felt spending time in jail last summer (for drunken driving), but that doesn’t sound like the right icebreaker. “You won’t do it again, will you?” This sounds like a mother’s question, and I want to play down the age difference. Instead I try to act like his Hollywood agent: “Hi, Kiefer, I have something for you,” I say when he finishes his phone call.

13:23 Bauer braces himself. Not another vial of poison. Or worse, is this woman, who is almost old enough to be my mother, going to gush all over me?

I fumble to get a business card out of my back pocket.

13:25 He takes it.

I explain that I had been trying to find a way to contact him. “My friend has written the great Canadian novel, ‘The Lightning File.’ It’s about a Toronto journalist who stumbles onto a terrorist plot in Canada.”

13:26 Bauer feigns interest, knowing valuable intelligence often comes in unusual ways.

I emphasize “Canada,” hoping that might intrigue him. He is, after all, the grandson of the famous Tommy Douglas, a former premier of Saskatchewan. “I thought you’d be perfect for the part.”

13:27 “Thanks, I’ll be sure to look it up,” he says.

I start babbling about how great he is, how surprised I am that he doesn’t have any bodyguards or PR people with him, how everyone thinks it’s so cool to see him, even though they aren’t saying it to his face (more Canadian reserve).

13:28 He smiles.

My knees stop clanking.

13:29 “Nice meeting you. Have a good trip.”

When I find my seat on the 747, I can’t believe it. The guy next to me is the one Kiefer had been chatting with coming out of Immigration. I’ll get to meet the next costar, after all. Or maybe not. It turns out the guy is just another fan like me.

“We talked about how unbelievably slow Immigration was,” he says of his encounter with the actor. “It was amazing. He was like a regular guy.” Except, perhaps, for all those names.

Témoignage de Lisa Thoams sur Twitter

Lisa Thomas

Kiefer Sutherland et moi après le Times Talk à New York le 18 janvier 2011. Il est le gars le plus doux et le plus sympa !

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Merci de nous faire partager ce moment

Cali_pso de Kief Cool

« Kiefer Sutherland a montré quel type gentil il est »

Weyburn a été le centre de l’attention ce 10 septembre, Kiefer Sutherland est venu pour inaugurer la statue de bronze de son grand-père Tommy Douglas. Kiefer n’est pas venu comme Jack Bauer, ni comme un célèbre acteur, il est venu tout simplement et a montré quel type gentil il est. C’était donc un grand évènement pour la ville.

La première fois que j’ai vu Kiefer, c’est au centre Tommy Douglas, il était entouré de souvenirs, des photos de ses grands-parents, de sa mère… Une photo montrait sa mère et son vélo et cela lui a rappelé une histoire de famille qu’il raconta à toute la salle.

Tommy trouve un jour sa fille Shirley en train de pleurer, a expliqué Kiefer. Son vélo avait été volé et son père lui demanda pourquoi elle ne l’avait pas récupéré. Mais celui qui lui a volé était plus grand qu’elle. Comme Tommy était un ancien champion de boxe, il donna sa 1re leçon à Shirley. Deux  jours plus tard, elle est rentrée à la maison avec son vélo et un grand sourire.

Ce qui m’a impressionné chez Kiefer, c’est sa bonté et sa grande patiente. Quand nous sommes sortis du centre, j’étais le dernier à sortir et il m’a tenu la porte, il se tourna vers moi me tendant sa main et dit : « bonjour, je suis Kiefer, et vous êtes…? » Je me suis présenté, étonné qu’une star d’Hollywood (Jack Bauer, mec !) vienne se présenter à moi.

Dans la salle, il s’est levé et a parlé à tout le monde, donnant à toutes les personnes présentes des autographes et prenant des photos avec eux. Il était infatigable et très courtois avec tout le monde.

Il était si gentil et c’est bien le petit fils de Tommy et il en était visiblement très fier.

By Greg Nikkel (weyburnreview.com) – Traduction JA

Merci Monkief

367709kief_statue9 dans ACTUALITE







813670kief_statue2 757167kief_statue10 765605kief_statue3







En Suède pour le tournage de son dernier film MELANCHOLIA

Rencontre ses fans :




46152458358_462738546753_764136753_6474449_6473956_n 15090558358_462738551753_764136753_6474450_3067132_n



Source : Catrine Jensen – Facebook

Merci Monkief

926385kiefer_suede.2 765367kiefer_suede


Source : Twitter

Kiefer Sutherland au Studio de Göteberg (Suède)

” -  nous aimerions réserver quelques heures de votre Göteborg Studio.- Absolument. Quel est le projet?
- Il y a un acteur qui est en Suède et qui fait de la publicité à la télévision, via le lien sur New York.
- Bon, qui est l’acteur? - Kiefer Sutherland
… Silence.
- Excusez-moi?!?
- Kiefer Sutherland -.
- Oui, j’ai entendu, mais alors …
Jack Bauer est arrivé!
- Exactement.
Voulez-vous …
- OUI!
- Est-il possible si …
- Absolument!
- Pouvons-nous aussi vous demander …
- Pas de problème… “
“Lorsque l’un des acteur de premier plan, et avec une voix aussi populaire, a envie de venir au studio, nous n’étions pas en retard pour dire oui.  jusqu’à Septembre, il est en Suède pour enregistrer un film de Lars von Trier.  Ainsi, le vendredi soir, il est venu dans notre studio à Göteborg Stig Chambre Berg, pour lire un tas de publicités télévisées pour Bank of America”.Wivedox Productions


Source : widevoxbloggen.blogspot.com
Kiefer Sutherland à Gothenburg (Suède)


Source : Facebook (Ace of Base) :
groupe de pop/dance originaire de Gothenburg

“Jack Bauer visiting our video shoot in Gothenburg! Cool!”

« Ma rencontre avec Kiefer »


Dans cette interview, ce Suédois raconte comment il a rencontré Kiefer.

Son amie et lui sont allés au cinéma puis dans un pub boire une bière, ils se sont installés à une table à côté de Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer était accompagné de deux amis de Los Angeles. Kiefer sest tout dun coup adressé à lui et son amie. Il a posé des questions sur les musées dart de la ville et ils ont discuté ainsi de choses et dautres pendant 4 heures. Le gars ajoute que Kiefer est quelquun dagréable et de très sympathique.

Kiefer lui a également parlé du film Phone Booth. Apparemment, ce nétait pas lui qui devait faire la voix, mais le gars qui était prévu initialement était mauvais…

Il a dit à Kiefer quil aimait 24, il en a été ravi.

Le lendemain, alors que le gars se promenait, il passa devant le pub et Kiefer était assis là, à la même place. Kiefer les a reconnus et ils ont de nouveau discuté ensemble. Il raconte aussi que Kiefer était ivre cette nuit-là. À un moment une voiture de luxe sest garée près du pub et Kirsten Dunst en est sortie, elle est venue dire bonjour, Kiefer lui a demandé de rester, mais elle ne pouvait pas, elle semblait ivre et chancelante…

Source : Benny

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